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Hand Crafted Wooden Portable Folding travel 12" Board Chessboard Game Chess Set

This board is made from beech and birch wood that gives it a classic, handmade feel that many chess enthusiasts will appreciate.  There is room inside the board to securely store each chess piece.
Handcrafted Chessmen - The felt bottom chessmen are handmade from hornbeam and sycamore wood. The elegantly intricate detail of each playing piece is impressive.
Classic Aesthetics - This chess set is handcrafted in Poland from farm grown wood. Its incredibly detailed craftsmanship makes it worthy to be put out on display.
✅ Board measures 11.81 x 1.97 x 11.81 inches
✅ Squares measures 1.18 x 1.18 Inches
✅ King: 6.5cm, Queen: 5cm, Pawn: 3.1cm